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Job Title: Operations Manager
Job Location: Washington, DC
Job Duties: Direct and coordinate daily operations of the restaurant; review financial
statements and activity reports to measure productivity and to identify areas needing cost
reduction; direct administrative activities directly related to food and beverage services;
monitor suppliers to ensure that needed goods are provided in a timely manner and within
budgetary limits; perform personnel functions such as selection and training; plan sales
promotions and set prices for the menu items; direct financial and budget activities to
fund operations and increase efficiency.
Requirements: Position requires Bachelor’s Degree, or foreign equivalent, in Business
Administration, Tourism Management or Hospitality Management. Position also
requires at least 6 months of experience in the job offered or in the related occupation of
Assistant Manager. The required experience must have been gained in company doing
business in the restaurant industry.
Contact: Mail resumes to: Bacio LLC, Attn: Atilla Suzer, 81 Seaton Place NW,
Washington, DC 20001




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